Virtual Assistance Chatbot

This project aims to develop a virtual assistant to enhance the digital support services at Birmingham City University. The bot takes in questions from the user and uses intelligent and AI-based systems to provide student with instant access to all the services offered at BCU. We intend to make something more than just a chat bot by enabling students to receive support and connect with advisers.

VR Gamification of Cyber Security Operations

This project is about utilising the gamification using virtual reality to simulate attacks on networks. The project itself involves using a game environment that will be connected to a server, which supplies the environment with data – all of which can be viewed through the Oculus Rift VR headset. Whereas, conventional methods involve looking at console windows, this instead provides a visual understanding.

Jaguar Land Rover Day/Night Cycle

Curso has been working with cutting edge software to produce a Day/Night weather cycle for Jaguar Land Rover. Using an external API that takes in weather data from anywhere in the world this program will imitate those conditions. Whether it is night or day, rain or snow, this Unity app will show it with a wide variety of techniques including shaders and regular C# code.