Meet the Team – Ashleigh Rowe

Ashleigh is a Software Engineer and Back-End Developer at Curso Software House. She is a second-year Computer Games Technology student at Birmingham City University, with a passion for hardware interfaces, Python and C++.

We sat down with Ashleigh to discuss her current projects, ambitions in the digital industry and her highlights of working with Jaguar Land Rover. 

Hi, Ashleigh! Can you tell us what your role is here at Curso?

I am one of the many developers at Curso. I focus mainly on the back-end development, and the systems-side of things such as Linux.  

Great! What have you been involved with at Curso?

So far, I have been working on a project with Jaguar Land Rover. They have commissioned us to create a visualisation system for a day and night cycle and weather API, so they can visualise their cars in a CAD/CAM setting.

I’ve also been working on a research project within Birmingham City University, where I’m taking data from an internal system and presenting it in a more user-friendly way.   

You study Computer Games Technology. What have you taken from your studies into the Curso Software House?

I’ve been doing more of the project management side of things whilst I’ve been with Curso. We recently had a new team member in who’s spent a few months in a professional environment, and they’ve brought in different planning techniques. 

They’ve managed to successfully bring in things like Scrum, version controlling systems, and got us set up with a team Slack so we can manage our communication better within Curso.

By being part of Curso I have managed to learn about these things, which will inevitably help when I go back into my final year of studies in September, and then my career after I graduate.  


When did you first get involved in the games/software industry?

It’s going back a bit! Probably when I was in secondary school in an ICT class. I was playing around with some software that was pre-installed in a computer lab at school, and ever since then I have been really interested with how it works! 

Thanks, Ashleigh. We have some quick-fire questions now! Firstly, what’s your favourite type of cheese?

Red Leicester.

If you had to live in a fictional universe, which one would you choose?

Madoka Magica’s universe 

Latest obsession?

Arrow. The TV show, not the pointy thing. 

Picture this – it’s a quiet Sunday afternoon. You haven’t gotten out of bed yet and you’re playing Candy Crush. What TV show is on in the background that you aren’t paying much attention to?

Binging with Babish 

Thanks, Ashleigh!

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