What have we been up to?

EMSI Dashboard

EMSI is a data analytics company that provide software, consultation and APIs to professionals in higher education, economic development, workforce development, talent acquisition and site selection industries. They aim to connect customers, employers and educators.

Curzon Software House’s EMSI Project Team identified the methods for using the extracted SOC .CSV data to predict growth areas for matching to courses. A linear regression machine learning model will be used alongside GUI and App Development for potentially wrapping the data analysis tool in a container for deployment in a HTML5 web or smartphone app.

The Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system is used by Federal statistical agencies to classify workers into occupational categories for the purpose of analysis. EMSI have asked Curzon Software House to build an application in Python that uses machine learning to predict growth in various sectors so that Birmingham City University can use the data to match courses to growth areas.

Aston Walker, a Software Developer at Curzon Software House said, “Python offers the best method for efficiently taking the .CSV files and entering the data into a machine learning algorithm using linear regression. So far, I have researched and studied how to produce a data set for ML analysis.”

Anaplan Augmented Reality

Curzon Software House has been creating Augmented Reality (AR) versions of chart series types for software developer, Anaplan. They streamline the way information is shared amongst organisations by connecting plans with people and data. 

This project aims to use innovative software such as Unity to create a program which allows CEOs and managers to visualise graphs and charts within an AR environment.

Michael Wolf, a Software Developer, said: “We are using this as our project is an add-on for a mobile app already in development that is currently being programmed in React-Native. It must be created in this programming language to be compatible with what has already been created by the Anaplan Mobile team.”

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