Innovation Fest is an arm of Computing Engineering and the Built Environment within BCU that aims to deliver a share fair of inspirational student projects. These are aligned along our three principles: realise, visualise and collaborate. We engaged Curzon Software House as a means to expedite the online presence of Innovation Fest and this website can be seen at innovationfest.co.uk. Curzon Software House delivered this in a week and setup up our content, hosting, domain configuration and liaised with us throughout the development process accommodating our requests for iterative changes. A great experience.

Rehan Bhana

The Curzon Software House initiative is designed to deliver real-world practical experience on live projects, with a focus on embodying the tenets of software houses. Experience is gained across a range of development methodologies which facilitates delivery of software and gamified solutions to research, enterprise and pedagogical streams. This exposure create a demonstrable step-change in outcomes and worker portfolios.”

Dr Carlo Harvey

Many of our students are unable to access traditional placement opportunities due to family or other responsibilities. With this initiative, we bring the work to them, allowing them to work on real projects, earn money and gain valuable experience. It’s also a great way to get the students to view academics and peers in a different light whilst promoting the university positively to local businesses where we can invigorate and solidify existing and new partnerships.”

Stephen Murphy